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5 Great Features of the New 2021 Ford F-250

Published on Sep 21, 2022 by Admin

July 29, 2021

Pickups are real heavy lifters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and chic as well as being strong and bold. That’s the 2021 Ford F-250, desirable functionally as well as visually. To prove it to you we’re going to explore some of its great features. And, as for the stylish element? All you have to do is look at it to be blown away.

Fantastic Towing Ability

The Ford F-250 has a maximum towing capacity that outshines several competitors and matches up well with others. If you use the most powerful engine and a fifth-wheel setup you can powerfully transport 22,800 pounds of gear. This is far more than most people need for everyday tasks, and is perfect for someone who takes beach trips with a large boat, has a job in transportation, or likes helping friends move house without renting a moving van.

Impressive Braking

Some heavier trucks have unfortunately long braking distances, but with the Ford F-250, it’s instant. The brakes are rigid and drivers report them as being incredibly reliable. The slightest pressure change lets the brake pedal know when to slow and stop, and there’s no uncomfortable jolting when you finally come to a full stop. The slowing and stopping process is smooth no matter how fast and hard you slam on the brakes.

Excellent Handling

It’s not just the brakes that will impress you in the Ford F-250’s handling. It provides an overall buttery-smooth performance that outshines competitors and feels more like you’re driving something smaller. It’s easy to manage, it maneuvers quickly even on tight corners and it steers as easily when you’re driving slowly as it does when you’re driving quickly.

That smooth movement at low speeds isn’t something you find in many pickups of this size, so it’s highly desirable if easy driving is a feature you value alongside the rest of the truck’s incredible performance.

Bed Options

Not everyone has the same bed needs, which is why the Ford F-250 offers two size options: 6.75 feet and 8 feet. This ensures you don’t waste money and space on something larger than you’ll ever need, and it also ensures that people looking for something larger don’t have to suffer and deal with the smaller size available. The two options make this truck appeal to a wider audience as it can fulfill more needs.

Off-Roading Options

If you want to get off the road, as many heavy-duty truck drivers, do, you most certainly can. There’s an off-roading package that’s to die for, called the Tremor package. This is available on many Ford F-range models and drivers of all Ford trucks praise it highly. With the F-250 you get running boards, a lift kit, and all-terrain tires.

Come and visit us at Glenn Polk Ford in Gainesville, TX to see the eye candy that is the 2021 Ford F-250! Then you can take it out for a test drive and check out those highly impressive features to see if they make you fall further in love.

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